Tate Brownlee Real Estate

Finding an Investment

Finding the perfect investment property requires the support and guidance from specialist investment property real estate agents.

We have key strategies, software and tenant database technology to minimise vacancy time. To ensure the most efficient leasing process with low vacancy rates.

When advertising your vacant investment property for rent, together we make sure the marketing is professional and the presentation of your property is spot on. It truly makes such a difference in securing the perfect tenant to look after your investment.

We have one of the most experienced Property Management teams on the Coast with combined experience reaching over 30 years.

Our property managers have access to state-of-the-art rental software to ensure everything is always in order including the property’s up-keep and security, and rent payments are consistently being monitored. Remember, your Property Manager can either cost or make you money on your investment property. Understanding that there is more than one form of income that can be obtained when having an investment property. It is not just the incoming rent.

Getting the right type of mortgage for your unique situation and goal is critical. We can help point you in the direction of professional and experienced brokers and accountants who can advise you on your best financial options. Also continual finance advice is crucial to making the right decisions.

We take care of you during your whole investment journey and assist you in growing your investment property portfolio for years to come.

Whether you are a first time property investor or have an extensive portfolio, our unique local property knowledge allows us to unlock doors for your future investment options.