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How To Choose A Real Estate Agent When Selling Your House

August 17
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Whether it be your family home, your first apartment or an investment property, you need to know how to choose the best real estate agent when selling your property. Not only is this a big financial move but it can be an emotional time as well.

There are some key things to look out for when finding the right realtor to sell your house. We’ll take you through the must haves when picking the best real estate agent.

You’ll want an expert realtor in your local area

You need to pick a real estate agent who is an expert in your local area and who has experience in selling the best parts of your neighbourhood, not just your property.

Choose a locally based real estate agent when selling, and not one that is new to the town. You need an agent that is familiar with the ins and outs of the local market including the types of buyers, what the current sale prices and market values are, and the major selling points of the surrounding area.

Tate Brownlee has been in the franchise real estate industry for more than 18 years, bringing with him a wealth of local knowledge, experience and understanding for his community.

Studying at the Kingscliff TAFE campus and gaining his real estate licence while living in the Drifters Holiday Village in Chinderah Caravan Park gave Tate a real appreciation and connection to his local community of the Tweed Coast, Banora and Coolangatta.

Look for proof that your realtor can sell a property like yours

It is one thing for a great real estate agent to sell a one bedroom apartment with ocean views, but will they be able to achieve a great price for your 7 bedroom farmhouse on 20 acres of land?

When finding the right realtor, you need to consider their recently sold properties and if they compare to your own! Your real estate agent needs to be knowledgeable and able to sell specific advantages of your property to prospective buyers.

Have a look at their recent sales and note if they have achieved any street record sales lately. We often achieve street record sale prices, increasing the property values throughout the local neighbourhoods and giving more financial freedom and choice to those who choose to sell their property – while also increasing the value of property of those who remain in the area.

A history of selling similar places to yours means the realtor may also still be in contact with potential buyers that are looking for a place just like yours. We have real estate agents that specialise in small suburban houses and units to multi-million dollar properties.

Is your real estate agent likeable and trustworthy?

A friendly personality and a good set of people skills are key to finding a great real estate agent to sell your home. Not just because you need to get along with your realtor but you want your prospective house buyers to also feel supported and nurtured during the sales process.

It can be a very emotional time selling and buying a property so you need someone to guide each party through the process and make sure everyone is comfortable.

Choose a real estate agent that is trustworthy and easy to communicate with as people tend to buy from people they like. The real estate agent selling your property needs to listen and respond to any concerns you have and do the same for your buyers.

With our own Buyer’s Relationship Manager, we are able to really build a relationship with our buyers and find out what their dream home or perfect investment property looks like.

Direct communication with our home buyers allows us to help them find exactly what they are looking for, within budget, and at exactly the right time.

Clear and reliable communication with you as the seller is key. We like to keep a high level of engagement with your property for sale, and above all with you as the seller.

Ask your potential real estate agent lots of questions

Ask your potential real estate agent lots of questions when deciding if they are the right one for selling your property.

A good place to start is asking the following:

  • What comparable properties have you sold in my area?
  • What sales approach do you recommend for my property and why?
  • What are your areas of specialty?
  • How do you handle multiple offers?
  • What do you value my property at?
  • Do you have any advice for how to best prepare my property for sale?
  • What is your commission rate?
  • Does that include any marketing costs or is that extra?
  • What marketing options do you offer?

The emphasis TBRE place on clear and concise communication is unmatched in the industry. Our connection and commitment to you and your property is what truly sets us apart and should help you to choose us as your real estate agent when selling.

We understand that all of our clients have different needs and desired outcomes when selling property, so sit back and relax as we work tirelessly on your behalf to achieve the best results for your unique situation.

Real Estate Reviews and Recommendations

When it really comes down to how to pick a realtor to sell your house, the best thing you can do is look for recommendations from people you know who have recently sold their house.
Especially if these people are your neighbours, as the agent will already be familiar with your neighbourhood and the buyers looking to buy here!

Also check out their latest reviews, how many properties they have sold and download their agent report to find out their comparable sales, reviews, rankings and statistics.

You can check out our reviews and our recent sales and contact us to get a better idea of how TBRE can open your next door.


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