Kristen Merrion

Kristen Merrion

Head of Property Management and General Manager

Kristen Merrion is the driving force behind our business, serving as the esteemed General Manager and Head of  Property Management. With over a decade of unparalleled service, Kristen’s passion for property management shines through, and her extensive industry knowledge, particularly in preventative property management and mediation, has positioned her as a trusted advisor, sought after by industry leaders for guidance on critical property management matters.

Known for her unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch service, Kristen sets lofty standards that consistently exceed expectations. Her profound understanding of property management practices, combined with her remarkable acumen, ensures that our clients receive exceptional care and attention. Beyond her professional endeavors, Kristen actively participates in various community leadership programs, driven by her passion for empowering the local community with knowledge of prosperous career pathways. Despite her demanding responsibilities, Kristen is a proud mother of four and skillfully manages the responsibilities of maintaining a household.

Kristen Merrion’s pivotal role and exceptional leadership make her an invaluable asset to our business. Her dedication to excellence and her commitment to serving both our clients and the community at large are unparalleled. We are fortunate to have Kristen as a cornerstone of our team, as she continues to elevate our business and inspire those around her.

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