Tate Brownlee

Tate Brownlee

Principal, Licensee-in-Charge, and Chief Auctioneer

Tate’s remarkable journey in the real estate industry began in 2003, starting from humble beginnings and propelling him to become one of the top 1 percent performers in Australasia, as recognised by leading franchise companies. His unwavering dedication, strong work ethic, and the support of his exceptional team give Tate an unparalleled advantage in the marketplace. As of now, he holds the prestigious title as one of New South Wales Top Residential Agents, according to realestate.com

Not only does Tate excel professionally, but he also actively contributes to the community that has supported him throughout his career. He is extensively involved in the local school network, demonstrating his commitment to the betterment of the area. With nearly two decades of experience in real estate, Tate has established himself as a market leader and industry innovator within his local community.

When you have Tate Brownlee by your side, backed by the strength and support of his family-owned Banora Point office, you can expect nothing less than an exceptional sales experience. Tate’s impressive track record includes close too 1000 successful sales in the local area, and he has consistently achieved benchmark sales in the market.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Tate values his family deeply and cherishes quality time spent with his beautiful wife, Kristen, and their four children: Zach, Taj, Luken, and Portia.

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